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Studio Di Donato & Partners

We support client companies in the analysis and development of company performance,

through customized solutions, innovative software and a large network of specialized partners.

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Do you want to know the value of your business, grow your company and improve your financial conditions, while protecting your assets? - Then follow this free guide!

Video guide for entrepreneurs

In this video, I'll show you how to:

  • Develop your business and increase your profit margins!

  • How to get better financing conditions and improve your corporate image!

  • Make you adequate in terms of organisational, accounting and administrative structures!

  • Protect your assets and avoid serious critical issues, often hidden from the balance sheet!

  • Make informed strategic decisions and move quickly!

  • How to know the value of your business, year after year!

  • How to attract new investors for a startup project!

Book a free call

You will be supported in specific consultancy for your activity or business idea, getting useful and practical advice, which you can implement right away. At the end of the call, you will receive a brief report on the focus of the meeting, with the solutions studied for your specific case and a detailed value proposition!

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Who I am?

My name is Roberto Di Donato and I am a business consultant and corporate finance specialist, specialized in corporate finance and corporate strategy.

I support companies in improving performance, to understand their value and health, identify weaknesses and strengths, plan future strategies and comply with legislation in terms of business information.

In my background, I have worked with various companies and consultancy firms, developing important skills and strategic networks over the years. I have invested a lot in professional training and continue to do so to update my activities and equip myself with the right assets.

Furthermore, I have developed a partnership with various professional networks and associations, in order to always offer the right solution to my clients.

If you have a company or are an aspiring entrepreneur, follow me to learn about the business solutions suitable for your business.

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